The Public Lectures of Passion for Knowledge will once again be the core of this festival of science, knowledge, culture and passion.

This public programme features: Plenary Lectures by leading, world-class researchers, including several Nobel Laureates; a Round Table focusing on creativity, an innovative staging to show the creative process of Basque improvised versifiers, so called, Bertsolaris, or the popular Naukas sessions. Moreover, at the opening of the festival, P4K will present Breaking Boundaries, a performance involving sculptures, dancers, sound and projections in an attempt to break down the boundaries between science and art.

The hundred-year-old Victoria Eugenia Theatre of San Sebastián will be the venue for this sessions that combine scientific rigour with entertainment, to awaken curiosity, interest, enthusiasm and critical thinking of society.

Simultaneous interpretation service into English, Basque and Spanish will be available, and all sessions will be streamed live over this website.

Entrance to public sessions is free until seating capacity is complete, although previous registration is recommended.

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Conferencias públicas