Outreach and Science dissemination in Society is increasingly important and is already always included as part of scientific research projects that are funded by governments and institutions.

All actors within the global scientific community have a role to play to achieve that objective, from the principal investigator or the project leader to the PhD students. That is why in the occasion of an outreach festival like Passion for Knowledge 2016 we have also programmed various outreach training activities aimed at PhD students.

As an innovative effort to disseminate Science and its importance to Society by doctorate students, a group of students of the European Excellence Innovative Training Network ITN-EJD-TCCM (European Joint Doctorate in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modeling) will participate, organize and promote a series of outreach activities within the framework of P4K 2016 festival. This will consist on a series of three related and complementary activities that will enrich the communication capabilities and experience of these students:

  • Meet the Professor

    The PhD students will have two informal meetings with Nobel Laureates in Chemistry to maintain a dialogue on Science and Society. The group of students will meet at DIPC headquarters two of the plenary lecturers of Passion for Knowledge 2016, Martin KARPLUS and Dudley HERSHBACH, on Tuesday, September 27, at 10:30 and on Thursday, September 29, at 10:30, respectively.

  • Encounter with secondary school students

    Various doctorate students of the ITN-EJD-TCCM network will also have an encounter with secondary school students and by answering their questions face to face from student to student the idea is to transmit them the importance of Science. The encounter will be hold at La Salle Institute from Donostia / San Sebastián on Wednesday, September 28, at 11:00.

  • Divulgation papers for a blog

    Finally, the PhD students will write and publish a set of divulgation papers about their specific doctorate projects on the blog Mapping Ignorance, an initiative of the Chair in Scientific Culture of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) to translate cutting edge scientific research into an educated lay-person language.

In addition, every afternoon, the group of students from the ITN-EJD-TCCM network will actively attend the public lecturers at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre.

EPS Awards
  Tuesday, 27 SEP
10:30 - 12:00 PhD Training

DIPC, San Sebastian


Martin KARPLUS Harvard University, USA; Université de Strasburg, France

  Wednesday, 28 SEP
11:00 - 12:30 PhD Training

La Salle Ikastetxea, San Sebastian

  Thursday, 29 SEP
10:30 - 12:00 PhD Training

DIPC, San Sebastian


Dudley HERSCHBACH Harvard University, USA