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CERN physicist Álvaro de RÚJULA to replace François ENGLERT

Due to an accident, fortunately without serious consequences, François ENGLERT is not going to be able to attend the Passion for Knowledge 2016 festival. His absence will be noticeable; however, the gap he is leaving is going to be covered by Álvaro de RÚJULA, who is one of the world’s most important theoretical physicists.

Alvaro de RÚJULA is researcher at CERN since 1997, and he was one of the leading members of the team responsible for starting up the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. That huge and powerful machine that a few years ago confirmed the existence of the elusive Brout-Englert-Higgs boson. A particle whose existence was predicted theoretically in 1964 precisely by François Englert among others, and whose discovery was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Now Passion for Knowledge 2016 strength the link between these two brilliant theoretical physicists.

The lecture that Álvaro de RÚJULA will be giving is the evocatively entitled “Creation in the arts, in the sciences and in the myths (the Higgs Boson and everything else)”. It is scheduled on Wednesday, 28 September, in the afternoon, at the Victoria Eugenia Theater, closing the plenary lectures session, after Sir John PENDRY and William FRIEDMAN.