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CERN physicist Álvaro de RÚJULA to replace François ENGLERT

Due to an accident, fortunately without serious consequences, François ENGLERT is not going to be able to attend the Passion for Knowledge 2016 festival. His absence will be noticeable; however, the gap he is leaving is going to be covered by Álvaro de RÚJULA, who is one of the world’s most important theoretical physicists.

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Passion for Knowledge 2016: passion for science, passion for culture

Conceived, promoted and organised by the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), the Passion for Knowledge 2016 festival will be offering a broad programme of activities that will be gathering, scientists, leading figures from various disciplines and the general public to share scientific knowledge and to foster the participation of the public in the dissemination of science and its values.

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Passion for Knowledge 2016 Presentation

Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) is organising Passion for Knowledge 2016, a festival to promote science as a cultural key activity that also contributes towards social and economic progress. Several Nobel laureates and world-class experts will be giving public lectures at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre and will be meeting students in Donostia/San Sebastian and Bilbao.